My Blood My People


A song dedicated to the pride Maupower takes for his culture, his identity and his people. With a strong influence of traditional Torres Strait instruments and the traditional language of "Kalaw kalaw Ya" (KKY) of the top Western regions of the Torres Strait, this drives the song to carry the power of his pride to the people, and it is felt through out the song. Featuring the vocals of Alick Tipoti who translated and chants in the traditional language and Ben Doolah, singing the english translations.


Born March 26th, Patrick James Berend Mau Also known as Maupower is considered the Godfather or Torres Strait Hip Hop. With multiple albums to his title and founder of Torres Strait Hip Hop group "One Blood Hidden Image", This indigenous Mc's presence resonates energy throughout the indigenous, underground and Australian Hip Hop music scene.Maupower brings a raw and vibrant perspective of the Torres Strait culture and lifestyles. Representing the youth of this tropical island, located at the tip of Queensland, between the borders of Australia and Papua New Guinea, Maupower expresses a strong voice and musical presence through the art of Hip Hop and Rap, showcasing the trademark sound of island soul. Merging indigenous and western cultures, both the good and the bad, Maupower’s powerful and emotional music would strengthen any production relating to urban themes and youthful adventures.