Sam Cook

Space Invaders


Space Invaders was an arcade video game created in 1978 and artistically hacked in 2010 by KISSmyBLAKarts™ . By playing the game it is clear that history has a way of telling the truth. Who is truly winning this invasion game? Do the math: 68,000-222 = 59,778. 60,000 VS 1788+222 = 2010. Game Over Australia’s Space Invaders.


Sam Cook has been producing computer generated Indigi-artwork since 1991, most recently as part of the Club Savage underground movement of BLAK artists. Under the trademark of KISSmyBLAKarts™ Sam’s BLAK arts revolution has been played out in the hallowed halls of the virtual space of the www, as part personal preference and partly due to the frenetic cross-artform world Sam inhabits as a writer, director, publisher, provocateur and change agent.  The subject of the work is infusing BLAKpride statements into popular culture, often via a satirical declaration of “play-back” as part of the .jpg wars, a form of cultural revenge without the bloodshed. Sam gleefully colours outside the borders of “Aboriginal Art, Culture and Identity” using social media as the platform to make the work accessible to the world.