august 2000


presents 'eyesee' - international exhibition of Indigenous Art

Tina Wamathana Baum

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Maternal: Larrakia, Darwin, Northern Territory, Wardaman, Brocks Creek, Northern Territory.

Paternal: Jaru, Broome, Western Australia















The People. The ghostly images behind the words looks at several things. They are ghostly to represent those Aboriginal people killed in the name of ‘colonising’ Australia through the wars, massacres and deliberate poisoning’s of our people. Like the foundation experience of Australia. They also represent those who continue to die today due to the disgustingly poor levels of health and Incarceration rates of Aboriginal people. They also represent the slow and painful killing of the soul and spirit through ignorance, injustice, inequality and racism. The man and woman are Larrakia people and represent the strength, dignity and resilience of Aboriginal people from the past to today.




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