august 2000


presents 'eyesee' - international exhibition of Indigenous Art

Skawennati Fragnito





nation 2 nation

cyber pow wow

Skawennati is a Mohawk woman who now lives in Sanfransisco.



















Skawennati is a curator and artist who holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design Art Major) and a Graduate Diploma of Institutional Administration (Arts Specialization) from Concordia University. She served for four years as a board member at Oboro, an artist-run centre in Montreal. It was during this time that she co-founded Nation to Nation, a First Nations artist collective whose aims are to enourage the production of contemporary Aboriginal art and to bring together Natives and non-Natives, artists and non-artists. Skawennati is one of the first recipients of the First People's Curatorial Residency grant, established in 1997 by the Canada Council for the Arts, and she completed the curatorial residency at the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff.




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