august 2000


presents 'eyesee' - international exhibition of Indigenous Art

Brook Andrew


I Split Your Gaze


gallery gabrielle pizzi

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative

Brooks people are from the Wiradjuri Language Group, and he is now living in Sydney. Brook is also an occasional freelance curator.

















'Timecapsule', an exhibition and capsule of artwork not to be opened for 100 years

Research study at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW : includes CV and research topic.

www site created by Rea and Brook Andrew which accompanied the 1998 exhibition bLAK bABE(z) & kWEER kAT(z) @ Gitte Wiese Gallery, Sydney:

essay by Alex Gawronski in 'globe e', online www art journal.

on-line arts residency discussing the notions of Nation hood between England and Australia. Brook Andrew (Aust.), Susan Collins (U.K.), Elizabeth Gertsakis (Aust.), & Graham Gussin (U.K.).

contention (solo),@ contemporary art centre of south australia

The Art Gallery of South Australia and The Telstra Adelaide Festival 96 presents, The 1996 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art . Art Gallery of South Australia 2 March - 14 April 1996. Curated by Christopher Chapman.

re-take - ATSI photographers, National Gallery of Australia,and national touring show, curated by Kelly Galletly




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