the other APT 4 (2015/16)

the fourth instalment of this triennial exhibition marks 10 years of 'the other APT' and showcases alterNATIVE Australian-based Asia Pacific and Indigenous Arts Communities presented by artist curator Jenny Fraser. Screen makers, artists and performers from Queensland showed screen art alongside other interdisciplinary creatives from around the country and guests from across the Pacific Ocean, representing artforms such as animation, performance art, documentary, drama, dance and digital storytelling. Many of the artists in the other APT number 4 have been featured in the previous triennial and other exhibitions and we see the progression of their work and ideas over that 10 years.

yes! cyberTribe has been going strong for over 15 years, and we marked the occasion in a special way in 2015 with many special projects.

cyberTribe presents SOLID - an International Festival of the Screen. Its free!

SOLID Screen will include a range of screenings from invited Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Native Canadian and Maori screen storytellers, that respond to important transformations that have reconfigured opportunities for experimental arts, remix and media arts practice, in recent times.

The SOLID Screen Festival held on the 16th September 2015 will screen works by women artists, it is open to the public, and welcomes men, women and children.

The screen makers are interdisciplinary practitioners from artforms such as animation, video, interactive media, photography, writing, performance, film and new media arts backgrounds.

The screening will take place at The Cairns Institute, Smithfield Campus, Far North Queensland. SOLID SCREEN Festival is a pre-conference event for The Tropics of the Imagination

Please come and help up celebrate 15 years of cyberTribe online gallery events and exhibitions in 2015

we'll also be launching World Screen Culture http://

more info at the website:

facebook event page events/1475747966074868

cyberTribe is pleased to be co-curating a CIAF first, Blak Release is an exceptional selection of short films and screen based art by emerging and established First Peoples’ film makers and artists from Queensland. A showcase that includes documentaries, short films, music videos and screen art.

Sunday 2nd August - It was the finale for the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

here is the facebook event page:

Blak Release info on the CIAF website

ALTAR and cyberTribe present a special screening for NAIDOC

The Fringe Dwellers (1986, 98 minutes) is an acclaimed Australian film about an Aboriginal family who dreams of moving out of the fringe, into the mainstream. The first Australian film featuring Indigenous actors in all the major roles, it was directed by Bruce Beresford and based on the novel of the same title by Nene Gare. Indigenous activist, poet, and educator Oodgeroo Noonuccal (previously known as Kath Walker) worked as both an actor in, and script adviser for, the film.

July 22, 2015
from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Where: The Cairns Institute Lecture Theatre (Room D3.054), James Cook University, Cairns Campus, at Smithfield

The film will be introduced by artist/curator Jenny Fraser and special guest, at the Cairns Institute, and followed by an open forum discussion.

facebook event page:

Screened with permission of Umbrella Entertainment.

cyberTribes Digital Dreamtime was featured in 'imagineNATIVE 2014', a documentary by Spanish TV Show Metropolis

An online exhibition and in-cinema screening, Digital Dreamtime is presented by cyberTribe especially for the 2014 imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival 15th anniversary. cyberTribe is also marking the 15th anniversary of exhibitions and events and Digital Dreamtime has been shaped to showcase and enhance the local and national wealth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creative talent in the variety of artforms made by and for the screen. We are proud to represent alogside our Indigenous brothers and sisters in the international community.

Featuring work by the following Digital Natives: Michael Riley (1960–2004), r e a, June Mills, Luke Briscoe, Maree Clarke, Michelle Blakeney, Rebekah Pitt, John Graham and Christine Peacock, Gilimbaa, Ross Watson (1944-2013), Zane Saunders with Nicholas Mills and artist / curator Jenny Fraser. 



theres a news story here

- SOLID SCREEN Festival, Innot Hot Springs 20 July, 2014.

there is a news article about SOLID here

- SOLID RETREAT, Far North Queensland, early July 19-22, 2014.

'Solid Ideas' was an invitational yarning circle for Indigenous practitioners in a residential retreat environment and 'Solid Screen' is an International Indigenous Festival of the screen, open to the public. 'Solid Screen' will include a range of work from artists participating in the forum event that reflects upon the discussions and dialogue that 'Solid Ideas' will interrogate. The screening, like the forum, responds to important transformations that have reconfigured opportunities for experimental arts, remix and media practice, internationally, in recent times.

Within the programs streams of activity, we aim to deliver Indigenous specific screen components to allow opportunities for Indigenous screen artists and artsworkers to develop professionally, develop greater understanding of new media and inter-disciplinary practices, and gain critical feedback on personal projects.

The Far North of Australia has a great depth of Indigenous arts practice, with a prolific visual arts industry, and we wish to compliment this strength and provide opportunities and experiences for Indigenous practitioners to engage with other mediums for expression, and explore screen history in Television and Filmmaking. There are a also number of number of Indigenous artists already working in performance, installation, video and photography mediums.

Public discussion about Indigenous film-making and the arts (by Indigenous peoples) is rare in Queensland and in wider-Australia, dialogue and writing about/for Indigenous Experimental and Interdisciplinary Media Arts is urgently overdue, desperately needs to occur and be encouraged.

At issue is the translation to canvas, tape, celluloid and pixels to create a specifically Indigenous cultural and social philosophy in their respective art forms, the history and future of Indigenous art practice in Australia. A lot of people are doing really interesting projects around the country, and we thought it would be good to try and tie some of them back together with a series of workshops, discussions, panels, gigs and screenings.

Through this process a wide variety of issues at the forefront of both the political and conceptual agendas of these inter-disciplinary artists arose.

midden at Tandanya for the Adelaide Festival 2014

The first instalment of midden is a collaboration between Murri artist Jenny Fraser and prolific Native American artist James Luna that can be seen in the 'four rooms' exhibition that will mark the 25th Anniversary of the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, as part of the 2014 Adelaide Festival in South Australia.

The works presented in Adelaide include new video installations titled 'name that beach movie' by Jenny Fraser and 'Knowing Your Points' by James Luna.

The exhibition will open with a performance by James Luna on Tuesday 25th February at Tandanya, and run until Sunday April 6.

James Luna will also speak at the Allan Scott Auditorium, University of South Australia on the panel titled 'Re/generating contemporary practice' at as part of TURN, TURN, TURN Artists Week, from 1.30pm - 2.30pm on Sunday March 2nd.

free events and exhibition entry

midden website

Four Rooms curated by Troy-Anthony Baylis

How to get to Tandanya

Adelaide Festival Visual Arts Program

Artists Week Panel

Artists Announced:

cyberTribe and blackout present a new online art project titled 'superhighway across the sky' and we are pleased to announce that Christine Peacock, Jason Davidson and Michelle Blakeney have been commissioned by Jenny Fraser to complete online residencies to research and develop new work.

For the first time, the collective travelled as a group and presented at the imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada, October 2013.

There is more info about Superhighway Across the Sky at this link

Stay tuned for further announcements about the project launch in 2014.

Jenny Fraser.

Following on from the successes of the other APT in 2006, this is an exhibition of alterNATIVE perspectives held in response to the state governement-run Asia Pacific Triennial. the other APT features a range of artworks from Australian-based artists from various cultural backgrounds and artforms in 2012/2013.

Love Local Murri, an exhibition from Aboriginal artists based in and around Cairns, at the Cultural Place, 94 Lake St, Cairns, Queensland. Opening 4pm August 18, 2012.

The exhibition ran during "festival time" from August 16 - 21..

The title 'Love Yidinji Country', is meant as a declaration, request and also a demand:

...we love Yidinji Country
…we want everyone else to love Yidinji Country
…we want to celebrate the places and the peoples
...we also want Cairns Aboriginal Artists to be loved... we have a wealth of talent: right here, right now...
…we want an artist-run Cultural Centre in Cairns

Artists: Paul Bong, Shannon Brett, Luke Briscoe, Cheryl Creed, Leigh Harris, Elverina Johnson, Arone Meeks, Zane Saunders, Nicole Williams, Gertrude Ygosse and artist/curator Jenny Fraser.

Presented by cyberTribe, the exhibition showcased the local wealth of creative talent including traditional and conceptual contemporary Aboriginal art such as shields, paintings, film, photography, portraits, video installation, prints and poetry.

The exhibition also marked the new National Sovereignty Day on August 22nd and was presented at PechaKucha Night at the Tanks Art Centre in Cairns on the same day. Love local Murri was proudly another sovereign self-funded event by cyberTribe.

Love Local Murri was officially opened by Yidinji Traditional Owner Henrietta Marrie Fourmile at 4pm on August 18, 2012.

exhibition facebook page

A partnership between JAALA, Boomalli and cyberTribe. Boomalli members have been invited to exhibit in the 18th JAALA International Art Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Japan, August 2012.

Founded in 1978,  titled "reinstatement of man and nature" at the Metropolitan Art Museum Biennial, including countries such as Palestine, China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Kenya and others.  The 2012 JAALA Biennial will include a recent new focus on other countries: South Korea, China, Kurdistan, Taiwan and Aboriginal Australia.

Currently, the world is experiencing the Egyptian uprising spread to the citizens of Tunisia in North Africa, as a large movement of people is raging and rise to Arab countries. Located in Japan, are artists that need to understand the third world, deepening the fellowship with Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The late chairman Ichiro Needle, in the last years of his life, said "war is not stopped at the picture of a sheet, giving it to people who think beyond languages ​​and borders can" and JAALA exchange exhibition was shown in sections. The mission of the artist is considered to be for the eyes and heart to see the absurdity of war, of oppression, to take the initiative presented in artistic expression to the people. Chairman Needle was raised to respect philosophy, aspirations, further increase the light was burning in the hearts of artists of every nation and we would also like to share.  

Boomalli artists to include Bronwyn Bancroft, Michelle Blakeney, Nicole Boeree, Jason Davidson, Charmaine Davis, Jenny Fraser, Danielle Gorogo, Kim Healey, Wayne Quilliam and Graham Toomey. 

JAALA Curator: Saburo Inagaki

cyberTribe Curator: Jenny Fraser

Saturday 12th August 2012 - Sunday 19th August 2012 

more photos on the blog

'THREE' from 3 Aboriginal Curators:

Ruby Alderton - Yirrkala Print Space;

Buku-Larrnggay Mulka; Jenny Fraser - cyberTribe;

and Shauna Tilmouth - Tangentyere Artists.

At the Chan Contemporary Art Space, Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin, Northern Territory.
Curators Talks - 5pm, 18 July.
Official Opening Celebration - 6pm, 18 July; and extended opening hours during "Telstra Time" through until August 26, 2012.

cyberTribe roving pop-up projections at the Festival of Pacific Arts, Festival Village and surrounds, Honiara, Soloman Islands, July 1 - 14, 2012.

Big Eye: Aboriginal Animations at vtape, 401 Richmond St West, Toronto Canada. Presented as part of the exhibition program Mzinkojige Waabang for the Aboriginal Curatorial Conference. Opened October 15, 2011.

moving images: a program of art film curated for the opening celebrations of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award that screened at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwin, August 13th & 14th; and September 1st, 2011.

moving images and moving stories from screen art practitioners that focus on developing ideas, exploring new narrative techniques and filmmaking conventions. Indigenous screen art culture is a niche area in Australia, but as seen with this program, it has a unique history, presence and future.

in·gen·ious / inˈjēnyəs

1. (of a person) Clever, original, and inventive.
2. (of a machine or idea) Cleverly and originally devised and well suited to its purpose

2010 sees cyberTribe celebrating 10 years of exhibiting cutting edge and politically important artworks from Indigenous Artists internationally. Over the years cyberTribe has brought together Indigenous artists from places across Australia, the Pacific and the Americas to participate in exhibitions of international standing.

The artwork featured from the archive for ingenious focusses on the moving image, non-conventional media and also inter-disciplinary media from this decade with perspectives from far and wide.

ingenious features Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Maori, Samoan, Fijian, Native American, Native Canadian and Native South American Artists based in Australia, Aotearoa, South America, USA and Canada.

The artists are: James Luna, Bert Bennally (USA), Terrance Houle, Skawennati Tricia Fragnito (Canada), Latuff, Sergio Novello Barco (South America), Rachel Rakena, Niwhai Tupaea (Aotearoa), Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Polytoxic (Samoa), Torika Bolatagici, Salote Tawale (Fiji) and Tracey Moffatt, Michael Riley, Destiny Deacon, r e a, Jason Davidson and Jenny Fraser (Australia)


moving image links:

Dan Taulapapa McMullin 'Sinalela'

Skawennati Tricia Fragnito 'Time Traveller'

Terrance Houle 'The Wagon Burner'

polytoxic 'framed'

Jenny Fraser 'name that movie'


image/info links:

James Luna 'Spinning Woman (from Emendatio)'

Tracey Moffatt 'Love'

Destiny Deacon 'Forced into images'

Rachael Rakena 'Rerehiko'

Michael Riley 'Empire'



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Native Networks: