Jules Koostachin

Jules Koostachin was born  in  Moose  Factory  Ontario, and raised  by  her  traditional  Cree  speaking grandparents  in  Moosonee,  and  with  her  mother,  a  survivor  of  the  Canadian  Residential school system.  Jules is from Attawapiskat First Nation, Mushkekowok territory, and currently resides in Vancouver where she commenced her PhD at the University of British Columbia. 


In this short film 'PLACEnta' Jules sets out to find a place for her Cree Nation traditional placenta ceremony. PLACEnta is the sharing between a mother, her daughter and a midwife of the re-discovery of First Nations traditional childbirth teachings. This film was made as part of the Commonwealth Shorts project, a capacity building scheme to give emerging writers/directors the opportunity to make a film which highlights issues affecting them and their communities. The initiative is a partnership between Commonwealth Writers, B3 Media and CBA Worldview.

a short documentary by Jules Koostachin.