Jenny Fraser

Jenny Fraser was born in Far North Queensland. She is a 'digital native’ working within a fluid screen-based practice. Having worked on short films and docos, her practice as an artist / curator has also been partly defined through a strong commitment to collaboration with others, leading to founding networks such as the Blackout New Media Arts Collective, and cyberTribe, an online gallery that facilitates the production and exhibition of Indigenous art, internationally. She has completed her PhD in the Art of Healing and Decolonisation at Batchelor Institute in the Northern Territory.


Good Medicine : Madeline Hodge

A digital story about Madeline Hodge and her artwork towards healing. Madeline is a talented artist and a long time resident based on the Gold Coast. The story tracks her life, and contribution to the arts in South East Queensland.

A short documentary directed by Jenny Fraser and edited by Helen Kassila.

- you can see also Madeline's artwork and more info on the new Good Medicine series website here: