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* some olde cyberTribe Highlights + what 'they' said

Aug 05 Shigeyuki Kihara, Artist, nz, 'Lovin your site!!'

Aug 05 Jo Dreissens, Artist, photographer, 'Well done Jenny & fellow artists... it all looked very inspiring'

Aug 05 Clinton Nain & Mark, Artists, oz, 'The website looks fantastic'

Aug 05 Lita Fontaine, Artist, Canada, 'The show looks great!'

Aug 05 featured on Message Stick Online, Arts, ABC

Aug 05 Elizabeth Greisman, Artist, Canada, 'Congratulations!'

Aug 05 Kara Beavis, Artist, oz, 'Oh my god, I checked out the artworks and they are all pretty bloody awesome'

Aug 05 Susan Charlton, NSW State Records, Another great show.

Aug 05 Franca Tamisari, Anthropologist, thats a great exhibition and your work is great. I love the painted up Queen.

Aug 05 Eve Vincent, Signature Magazine, wow! this work is totally stunning.

Aug 05 launch 'L'Art urbain du Pacifique' by Diff Art Pacific, selected works by Aboriginal, Maori, Samoan Artists


July 05 cyberTribe featured on APTN National News, Winnipeg, Canada - Aboriginal Peoples Television


Mar 05 Anita Heiss, Writer, oz, 'Love the website'


Jan 05 'Australia - Love it or Leave it' launched, works by the proppaNOW artists collective


Nov 04 Christine Peacock, Murrimage, 'Thanks for sending this out – it is really something!!'

Nov 04 Marie Hodson, NT, 'i just love keeping up to date with you guys youre so passionate'

Nov 04 '29 views of a Crows belly' launched, works by Peter Morin


Nov 04 featured in Spinach7 Magazine, Visual Art, 'Night Vision' p55, issue 5 summer 2004/2005

Sept 04 Terrance Houle, Artist, Canada, 'hey looks good jenny great job on the show im privileged to be a part of it'

Sept 04 Steve Danzig, IDAA ' Thanks for the link to your closing - congratulations.'

Aug 04 Eve Vincent, Spinach7 Mag, 'the night work is beautiful'

Aug 04 Sam De Silva, Spinach7 Mag, 'looks great! good stuff'

Aug 04 Te Tui Shortland, tuwai, Aotearoa, 'beautiful e hoa!'

Aug 04 Jared Thomas, Arts SA, 'This looks amazing - very impressive.'

Aug 04 Brenda L Croft, Curator, NGA, 'Love the shots by Richie!'

Aug 04 Natasha Lamb, CQU, 'It looks very interesting. I really like night shots (I also liked the shot of the ocean at night..).'

Aug 04 'Out of the Dark' Launched, night shots - photos, video & performance


Apr 04 Ruark Lewis, oz, 'terrific work '

Apr 04 David Cranswick, Director DLUX Media Arts, oz, ' wonderful!'

Apr 04 Leona Fay, WILPF, NZ, 'I think you are doing an exciting thing in making Aboriginal Art accessable through the internet '

Apr 04 Margaret Archuleta, Curator - Native American Art, USA,'the images are wonderful!'

Apr 04 r e a, artist, Gamilleraay, 'it seems like the show was a great success which is good - congradulations!'

Apr 04 Amanda McDonald Crowley, Curator - ISEA 'Congrats Jenny! Looks really great!'

Apr 04 Komninos Zervos, artist/lecturer 'congratulations... hamburgers on the hop... do you want joeys with that?'

Apr 04 Louise Mather, Educator, oz, 'the exhibition looks wonderful'

Apr 04 Nicola Turton, artist 'like tha spirit and vision exhibit looks like good exhibition...like yer little faster foods'

Apr 04 Jo Diamond, Lecturer, Maori Art History, NZ 'triennale photos are neat -- keep up the excellent work!'

Apr 04 Christian Thompson, Artist, Bidjara 'thanks for the pics looks great!'

Apr 04 Susan Parker, OZCO 'Yeeha! That looked fantastic...amazing and beautiful!!'

Apr 04 Corinne Colbert, artist 'this is great to say the least!'

Apr 04 Franca Tamisari, Anthropologist, University of QLD 'as usual great work in telling what is going on... great exhibition.'

Apr 04 Jo Driessens, Photogapher,QLD 'The exhibition looks great, everyone looks rugged up too!!'

Apr 04 David Prosser, Artsworker,QLD 'The show looks fantastic, I'm a personal friend of Michael Riley and feel so good when I see his work exhibited in places like this'

Apr 04 Joan Cardinal-Shubert, Artist, Canada 'really great work....'

Apr 04 'Spirit & Vision' produced in-residence at the Vienna at the Essl Museum, Vienna, Austria


Mar 04 A/Professor Anita Heiss 'Just checked out your site, cool, you’re a bit of a genius eh?'

Mar 04 Joanna Recalma Redwire Magazine 'cool website'

Mar 04 Andrew Trump; Community Cultural Development, Gold Coast 'Hey! Great essay!'

Mar 04 Bevan Bache; School of Arts 'congrads on the gallery, it looks great'

Mar 04 Jason Davidson, Artist, NT 'i checked out non sense of place, good one... i reckon thats a story worth telling'

Mar 04 'Nonsense of Place' launched - by guest curator Nicola Turton

Feb 04 Hetti Perkins; Curator, Aboriginal Art, AGNSW 'looks great'

Jan 04 featured in Spinach 7 magazine, issue 2, Summer 03/04

Jan 04 Sara Diamond; Director, Banff Arts Centre 'congrats on the site'

Jan 04 'NII'KSO'KOWA' launched - works by Banff oz/nz Artists-in-Residence

Nov 03 Amber-Dawn Bear Robe; Curatorial Workstudy, Banff Arts Center, Canada 'the site looks amazing'

Jan 04 'Turtle Island' launched - works by canadian/usa/mexican artists

Dec 03 Matt Mirapaul, NYTimes : 'I recently stumbled upon your Blackout site and was intrigued by the possibilities'

Oct 03 Sigrid Mahr, Artist, Canada 'awesome website.........will check it out more - later...'

Oct 03 'MADE MEN' launched - works by Richard Bell

Sep 03 Morgan Thomas; Writer, University of Queensland 'I found the site -- it looks excellent'

Sep 03 Cameron Goold; Propaganda Klann 'looks rockin jenfur'

Sep 03 Corina Martin; Nyoongar, WA 'you are just too deadly!!!'

Sep 03 'Noku Te Whenua' launched - works by the Tu Wai Collective

Aug 03 :: Accolades
Congratulations to Jenny Fraser who recently received a QUT Alumni 'Excellence in Globalising Indigenous Arts and Culture' Award. Jenny produces the Indigenous online gallery cyberTribe and the website Blackout, both of which have raised the profile of Indigenous artists internationally. fAf is honoured to provide support to cyberTribe and Blackout through ongoing hosting and promotion.

July 03 Nisar Keshvani, Leonardo Online Journal : 'great stuff Jenny, Trail Blazing as always'

May 03 Linda Carroli; fineartforum.org 'very nice work'

May 03 'Light One' launched - works by Jonathon Jones

May 03 Veronica Fury; QLD 'Gee wiz grrrl... your website is fantastic. I mean REALLY! just checked out the cyberTribe eyesee exhibition. So so cool.

May 03 Krishna Nahow, Artist, QLD 'I just checked out your deadly website after reading about you on the Women in Technology website. I found what you've achieved very inspiring'

May 03 w christiawan - Indonesian Artist
"Congratulation for your curator works, long live the new media arts"

Apr 03 Received a Bursary to attend the Museums Australia Conference in Perth, WA, at the end of May

Feb 03 'Blackout' launched from cyberTribe by fineartforum.org
:: Gallery: Blackout
This month, Blackout, a site created by Jenny Fraser, is launched. Blackout features information about and work by Australian Indigenous new media arts practitioners. Blackout was initiated at NISNMA (ANAT's National Indigenous School for New Media Artists) in 2002 when the participants formed the Indigneous New Media Arts Collective. Congratulations to all involved in this spectacular initiative.

Jan 03 featured as a 'Smart Story' on the 'Smart States' website - Qld Government http://www.smartstate.qld.gov.au/smartstories/ss_project/ssproject_e4c.html

Oct 02 Granted funding from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts board of the Australia Council For the Arts

2002 featured on the FAF CD Rom to celebrate 15years online http://fineartdev.cdes.qut.edu.au/faf_15/Gallery/gallery_index.html

May 02 Invited to speak about cyberTribe at the ozecultures conference in Sydney - topic: 'Creative Communities'

Mar 02 Invited to speak at NATSIVAC the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts Conference in Adelaide - 'From Print to the Net'

Jan 01 Mayu Kanamori - Producer of Mayu + Lucy - Journey from the Heart http;//www.mayu.com.au
"Congratulations on your achievements and your fantastic website... I just looked at your site. It may be a simple thing that I am just ignorant, but you have educated me indeed, and I am sure you are educating and inspiring many others. Congratulations. You are so prolific, talented, active, and do so much for fellow artists not only in Australia, but around the world."

Jan 01 Jason Sievers Origins of Art http://www.originsofart.com/
Love your site! ... Please take a look (at ours) if you get a chance, we'd love your input!

Jan 01 featured on Indigenous Australia, The Internet Portal for Indigenous News, Views, Business, Culture and Expression
"CyberTribe presents "Belonging". CyberTribe, an Indigenous Australian online gallery, has recently exhibited the photographic art of Jason Davidson. Jason is an Aboriginal artist who currently studies at the Northern Territory University in Darwin, Northern Territory. His grandmother's country is Kalkaringi also known as Wave Hill and his grandfather's country is Ngukurr also known as Roper River in the Northern Territory. Jason is also a member of the growing number of digital Indigenous Australia artists online. Check out his work at copytime."

Jan 01, from Nisar Keshvani - Editor Fineartforum
>hi > >i received this email from a Filipino artist i have been corresponding with... thought you might be interested in a comment she made: > >"I have been looking at your gallery section and am especially impressed with Cyber Tribe: Indigenous Art Eyesee. The section on "kitsch" was especially striking. The quote from Christopher Pearson is also true. The consciousness of aboriginal representation and the positive action of the arts circle in this issue is truly remarkable and commendable. My dream is to awaken similar sensibilities in art in my country and enable art to become an active agent to some degree of ethnocentricity."

Aug 00, featured on ACN - Australian Cultural Network - http://www.acn.net.au
Eyesee - CyberTribe Indigenous Art Gallery August 9 was the International Day of Indigenous People and the decade 1994-2004 the Decade of Indigenous Peoples. The online art exhibition 'eyesee' brings together 12 indigenous artists in an exhibition of indigenous self-definition. FineArt forum began hosting the international indigenous Trophies of Honour Art Chronicles of Indigenous Peoples gallery in 1996, which was created and is maintained by native American artists and performers. 'Eyesee' is cyberTribe's first online exhibition at: http://www.fineartforum.org/Gallery/2000/eyesee/eyesee.html

curated by jenny fraser 

'L'Art urbain du Pacifique', France

APTN News Studios, Canada

'Feathers Float', Banff, Canada 05

'out of the dark' Brisbane, Australia Adam Martin, Banff, Canada 03 Jason Davidsons DVD at 'Spirit & Vision', Vienna

Richard Bells 'Masterpiece' from 'Made Men' 03 'Shake Dance' by Lita Fontaine in 'Turtle Island' 03 'non sense of place' Jenny Fraser & Nicola Turton 'Spirit & Vision' Vienna 04 Mwema African Gallery in 'eyesee' 00 'Light One' Jonathon Jones Solo 03

'Noku Te Whenua' 03